How do we get started?

We have made an effort to minimize the work it takes on your behalf to launch All There in your community.  We start with a conversation, provide a list for you to follow and we get started.  We even provide pre-written invitation e-mails.  Here are the main steps:

Have a Conversation

We set up a conversation with Derek Bell, Managing Director of All There to make sure you know what you are getting into and answer any questions you might have.  We also create a username and password for you to use which gives you access to tools for leading a cohort.

Get Leadership on Board IMG_1481.jpg

All There is best done in concert with senior leadership from your church’s staff.  Part of the All There DNA is to connect men/women to their local church.  However, if your pastor, executive pastor, etc. is not available, you can certainly move forward without them.  We do know that young men and women have a strong desire to know and be known by those who are in spiritual authority over them.  In addition to bringing along your pastor (s), we encourage you to enlist one, two, or three older marketplace leaders who can be on this journey with you and the cohort.  Having several folks who can speak into the lives of the young participants is a wonderful gift.

Land on a Date

Together we decide on a date for The Launch Experience.  Because The Launch Experience is led by a trained facilitator, we will collaborate with you on dates that work.  We have found that the best arrangement for The Launch Experience is starting Friday at noon and ending Saturday at 2:00pm.  The ideal setting for The Launch Experience is a retreat setting away from the normal patterns of life – a cabin large enough to house the cohort, a building on your church campus that will provide privacy with space to move around, a private home with a large bonus room, etc.

Invite Your Cohort

We first suggest you pray.  Pray that God would help you figuratively tap the right individuals on the shoulder and say, “come join me on this year long journey.  I see great potential in you and want to get to know you better.”  Our experience has taught us that when you make this ask, people will feel honored to be included.  Typically, those who opt not to participant in All There have a genuine reason keeping them from participating (travel limitations, trouble at home, etc.).  We have prepared an invitation letter/e-mail for you to cut and paste.

Make The Investment

All There is committed to being a lean and eventually self-sustaining organization.  The investment to launch a local cohort is $325/participant (for a minimum of 10 participants).  That investment covers facilitator expenses and the materials used in The Launch Experience.  The other cost, which is managed by a cohort leader is the food provided during The Launch Experience, overnight accommodations (if you choose to use an overnight venue), and the books used during the 12-month journey.

We leave it up to individual cohorts to ask participants to share in the cost.  In our experience, there is great value in asking participants to have some skin in the game, while not allowing cost to keep anyone from being a part of All There.  Some All There cohorts ask participants to pay $50 - $150 to help defray cost.


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