What is All There and How Does it Work?

All There is designed to be a 12-month journey (even that is flexible) in your local context.  The journey originates with The Launch Experience, continues with one or two monthly gatherings and is peppered with Community Learning along the way.  The core monthly meeting is called just that, Core Gatherings.  The additional monthly gatherings are called Extra Mile Gatherings.


The Launch Experience IMG_1485.jpg

All There has crafted a 26-hour life transforming experience.  The Launch Experience is a facilitator led, fast-paced day packed with exercises that help individuals uncover how they have been shaped (THE PAST), how God has designed them (THE PRESENT), and for what He has designed them to walk into (THE FUTURE).  ::read more::


Monthly Gatherings

After The Launch Experience, cohorts begin their monthly gatherings.  During the Core Gatherings the cohorts unpack what they learned in The Launch Experience and how they are living out that new understanding.  The Core Gatherings are characterized by a look back, a look at current reality, and a new learning for the future.  Learnings for the future are prompted by video vignettes by some of todays most capable leaders including Frances Chan, Bob Buford, Kay Warren, Crawford Lorittis, and others.  The videos are designed to serve as a catalyst for new thought and discussion.  ::read more::

The Extra Mile Gatherings are characterized by more diverse activities.  Rather than having one regular pattern, we mix it up through the Extra Mile Gatherings.  We suggest doing some dinners together, watching some classic movies that have inspired people for years, and watching proprietary videos on what it means to live out the Biblical definition of manhood. ::read more::


Community Learning 

Our friend Jim Collins remarked that “there are two way to change the world, the sword and the pen.  And those who use the pen rewire the brains of those who weld the sword.”  We don’t have the market cornered on life-shaping and world-shaping ideas.  Between monthly meetings, we ask All There participants to pick one of our chosen books, pick a reading partner and read the book together.  During the monthly meetings we ask members to unpack what they have learned so that their peers can benefit from the ideas represented in the chosen books.  ::read more::