Community Learning

There are two different parts of "community learning."  

PART ONE | The first aspect is reading through, "Renovation of the Heart, in Daily Practice" by Dallas Willard.  As we have explored, we believe this is one of the best books that will help followers of Christ (at many different levels of maturity) understand how we live a life that is integrated.  Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practice will help participants understand how to pull together all the parts of their often-seemingly fragmented life - spiritual, family, professional, emotional, etc.  

Willard's book is perfect for busy young professionals.  Renovation of the Heart in Daily Practices is divided into 61 chapters that are 3-4 pages in length.  Each week, a cohort will read one chapter together so that during a monthly meeting the discussion will focus on the four chapters read that month.  

PART TWO | A handful of books have played a vital role in shaping the lives of high-impact Christ-followers. Our goal is to expose members of a cohort to the big ideas in these books and yet we know that young professionals, working to climb the latter, don't have the margin in life to read a lot of books every year.  Effectively, each cohort member will read two books during the year.

In the Month Five Extra Mile offering, we ask that guys provide a verbal book report of the book they have chosen to read.  Guys can read a book alone, or two guys can read one together and collaborate on it.  Based on the number of verbal book reports, divide your time according and have the guys answer the questions below in an effort for each guy to walk away with a good understanding of the book (this is a way to multiply good ideas with guys who are extremely busy).


  1. What is the main idea of the book you read?
  2. What action or behavior does the book call you toward?
  3. How does this book affect you?
  4. Did you disagree with anything the author espouses?
  5. Will you recommend this book?  Why, or why not?


The book list is as follows:

  1. Rich sterns - A Hole in our Gospel
  2. David Platt - Radical
  3. Craig Groeschel - Weird
  4. Frances Chan - Crazy Love
  5. Crawford Lorittis - Leadership as an Identity: The Four Traits of Those Who Wield Lasting Influence
  6. Rick Warren - Purpose Driven Life
  7. Peter Greer - The Poor Will Be Glad
  8. Jedd Medefind - Upended
  9. Brad Lomenick - The Catayst Leader
  10. Randy Alcon - The Treasure Principle
  11. Gabe Lyons - The Next Christians
  12. Jon Acuff - Punch Fear in the Face
  13. Lloyd Reeb - Success to Significance
  14. Peter Drucker - The Effective Executive
  15.  Dietrich Bonhoefer - The Cost of Discipleship
  16. Dallas Willard - The Devine Conspiracy
  17. Bob Buford - Finishing Well