Even Sages Need a Sage

Acting as a Sage in a young john_wayne.jpgadults life might just be the apex of God's call on your life.  It might be the way you contribute to the younger generation right around you as do other work around the world.  Whatever the reason, however it fits into your life - being a Sage is a high honor with rewards here and for eternity.Even Sages needs Sages in their life.  Dr. John Wayne Smith (who goes by “John Wayne”) is the ultimate coach for Sages. John Wayne, whose day-job is a doctor of nephrology and co-owner of nephrology clinics throughout Arkansas, was on the ground floor of helping to build the vision for All There.  

John Wayne was looking for a way to pour into the lives of the young men in his local church setting while continuing his local and global missions work. After taking a cohort through All There he has seen the direct benefits of the relationship he has formed with the young men and his older cohort in addition John Wayne has been the recipient of training from one of Halftime’s most influential coaches, Lloyd Reeb. As a coach to All There Sages, John Wayne will utilize his experience leading a cohort and receiving coaching from Halftime.

John Wayne is passionate about young men and women finding their unique calling with the help of his generation acting as guides. As a Sage himself, John Wayne is a call a way to guide you through the All There journey as a Sage and friend.

Jesus was the uber-Sage and thankfully He left us with a lot of advice on how to walk with others through life.  Another good model for mentoring is Peter Drucker.  Watch the videos below to see what Peter Drucker did for Bob Buford as a Sage.

The 9 Things Peter Drucker Does For Me... Bob's own words.