Is All There Right for Your Context? WHEREVER YOU ARE, BE ALL THERE. -JIM ELLIOT

How do you know if All There is right for your church?  If your answer to these questions is "yes," you are ready.

√  You have 50+ year-olds in your church who desire to invest in younger generations (PERHAPS YOU ARE THAT PERSON).


√  There are at least ten men between 25-35 years old (with wiggle room) whom you want to see developed to be the future leaders of your church and community?

√  You value relationships and a journey—over another program.

√  Cross-generational relationships are highly valued.

√  Inspiring and releasing marketplace leaders (of very age) in your church to do the ministry of the church is part of your DNA (OR – YOU WANT IT TO BE).

√  You don’t want to reinvent the wheel but you do want an effective guided journey.